Saturday, 24 April 2010

A different sort of thing..

No updates as of late really because of the mega stress of trying to mock up final pieces for my portfolio all in the time of 4ish days, and i'm only halfway through now!!!!

shown below are a few pictures that i drew! yeah i know i drew them (well copied them from photos really) i do like the way i have coloured them, i did enjoy doing these and it maybe something that i will do more of in the future.

i will update more after the dreaded mock interview with some of my latest work.

Friday, 16 April 2010

New CV!!

after sorting my business card last night i restarted my CV so that it will fit more in with the design of the card. i've gone for a simple layout i might add a picture of a hand holding a pen at the end of one of the sections to fit in with the business card. shown here are several pictures from different angles, the last image shows the piece folded with the logo section slotted through holes in the paper so that it shows the logo on the front page and holds it all together as well.

comments as always are welcome

New Business cards!! and how!!

here are some developmental images from my new business card idea, i'm playing on the helvetica sample type t-shirt idea for the front, and the back is a picture of me handing over the card with my contact details shown underneath.

comments as always are welcome

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Old Russian Cameras are my best friends (well of my non-human friends that is...)

some photo's that i've taken using my zenit EM and helios 58mm lens, the colour film brings out the awesome look of the camera and lens.

these pics are from around the studio of various people shown here are Toby, Sarah and Lucy

more of these on my Flickr