Thursday, 20 May 2010

So Near yet So Far

Final deadline near (well 2days now) so i thought i'd update with some of my fnp work, this is a series of 10 pieces that see the world in a different light, as if you've never seen anything in this world around us before, for example; observing the cars around the place, someone might think that cars are peoples pets as everyone keeps them and looks after their own cars quite religously.

the type is hand traced, it is meant to look like handwriting but i traced it so that it still retains the layout and structure form the printed version
illustrations are from photographs taken by me.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

It all went a bit pete tong....but i like pete tong

So quite near to the end of the year (well 3days away from the deadline) i finally get some crazy plastic paper called grafix shrink film, with this you print/draw or cut whatever you want on it and then bake it and it shrinks into a smaller thicker plastic version, so i tried this with my frames from the 100 project (see earlier post) and unfortunately it didn't work, too hot i think, needs to be on a lower heat setting for a longer time.

BUT i quite like these crazy deformed type frames, i especially like the warped K, i can't really use these for finals my project but i'm still going to put them in.
it's a different way of looking at type as you normally see it in a very strict and regimented form.

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Embossing the day away...

for my live brief from first term i did a project for A14 printfinishers in nottingham, here are some work in progress shots of two of the three final pieces, the first is a fox tail the second being a panda bear, these use emboss and die cutting.

comments as always are welcome