Sunday, 13 February 2011

My new (old) friend.

Ever since my old zenit broke i wanted a new russian cam, i just love the style of the things built out of a massive slab of metal they feel like the AK-47'S of the camera world, they work fine until they break spectacularly.

so after some time i finally got a new (old) zenit 3M, however it takes a strange 38mm screw mount lens which i have heard are not that common, or not as common as 42mm anyways.
i was going to set about it with a saw and splice it with my old broken zenit so that it could take 42mm lenses but then i got some pics back from the shop and i'm gonna keep it with this beaut of a lens!

get yer peepers round 'em yourselves....

Monday, 7 February 2011

Haytch Dee Arrr

so i've been trying out some HDR (high dynamic range) photos, using long exposures at night i came up with the following shots.

i think they work fairly well but it is certainly something which i like and will be trying out some more and experimenting with!

as always comments are welcomed and encouraged!