Thursday, 8 July 2010

Long time no see hombré

So uni's over and done with, sad times made some great friends and had unforgettable fun to boot!!
best three years of my far!

now time to get down to the business of design, graphic design.

as i don't start on my Enterprise inc. business mentoring course until september i have set myself some briefs to keep myself busy and bolster my portfolio as well!

so below are a few little things i've been doing for funzies, these are ideas for a rebrand of a surf company called seed surf co. as you can see i'm playing off of the name quite laboriously!

on the colour i've tried to keep it simple with a few earthy tones, all these were drawn in fineliner and the colour is with coloured pencils, at the moment they are presented quite roughly as i'm still working them up and experimenting etc.

comments and suggestions are welcomed and encouraged